Social networking site for conferences, congresses and events


Social Network Communities for Conferences and Events



The web 2.0 technology has become indispensable for the worldwide internet community. The risen responsiveness of internet users to individual commitment to social network communities is apparent in many sectors of the economy and beyond in many parts of our lives. Why not use these new opportunities to organise conferences, congresses and events by means of social network communities? Relenet offers a wide range of features which you will use to plan and conduct a variety of events, industry summits, congresses etc.


The most striking advantages of a social network community are the following:


  • Booking and registration via the social network community of your congress, event or conference uses cutting edge technology to ease a wide variety of problems concerning planning and organisation
  • Use of RSVP and guest list function simplify the organisation immensely saving you time and money
  • Coordination of accommodation and joint travel planning of colleagues and business partners
  • Keep all participants or particular groups up to date informing them about short-run changes of the program
  • Differentiate the rights within the virtual community restricting access concerning forums, groups or contact details
  • Communicate via the messaging system of the social network community with other participants while keeping your e-mail address to yourself
  • Allow participants to contact each other in forums or via the messaging system, to check the agenda, to exchange recommendations and to arrange meetings beforehand
  • Presentation of the participants within the community with company portrait pages which enable them to use a huge variety of functions like photos or videos for their marketing purposes
  • Personalized company portrait pages and a proven online marketing concept which broadens the space exhibitors may use for marketing purposes by the virtual dimension. Furthermore this improves the marketing of the congress, conference or event as a whole
  • Multiple languages of the social network community simplify communication and presentation for foreigners
  • Statistics about user behaviour allow you to analyse which topics are particularly interesting for the participants of your event
  • New opportunities for sponsors and advertisers  using banners and other widgets within the community


Allowing the participants of an event to meet beforehand in the virtual community enables them to arrange meetings, present themselves using photo albums, videos etc. and to prepare themselves in a highly professional way.


Social networking site for conferences, industry summits, congresses and events


Forums simplify the communication and you may restrict the visibility of the notes or comments to particular participants. They may use this feature also before and after the event discussing the topics they are interested in and restrict the access to a certain group of personally known clients, experts or other participants of the social network community. After the event the participants will stay on the social network community in order to stay in contact with the people they got to know and to check on the forums and groups they participated in. Photos and videos from the event may be exchanged or put on the companies’ portrait pages. Those may be commented.


Restrictions on contact details guarantee a high degree of privacy and as you may use the messaging system of the social network community you do not have to give away your e-mail address. Tips and recommendations may be exchanged in this virtual framework concerning hotels, sight seeing or restaurants. You may analyse the data concerning the interests of the participants before the event actually takes place, knowing which topics will be of special interest. You may also conduct online surveys of all the users or alternatively only of a particular group.

The flexibility and transparency of a social network community allows to insert advertisements for specific groups or for the community as a whole. Especially your sponsors will be interested in effective advertisement.


If you want to use cutting edge technology to improve your event management we will gladly adapt to the specific requirements of your social network community project.




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