Social networking site for political campaigns


Social Network Communities for Politicians and Campaigns



In the last years information technology has changed rapidly. Politicians quickly adapted to this new development. By now innovative organisations have surpassed the web 1.0 framework as the presidential election campaigns in the United States have demonstrated impressively. Using social network community tools, wikis or blogs Barack Obama modernized contemporary forms of citizen participation, transparency and accountability (article in the relenet forum).


Social networking site for politicians


The candidates gain from the engagement of the internet users by their commitment to the campaign and the voters gain from the close contact to the candidate and to other supporters by immediate information and direct communication. Web 2.0 technology – social network communities in particular -  has proven to be an extremely useful tool to increase the responsiveness and the degree of engagement in electoral and political campaigns.


Benefits of social network communities for politicians and political campaigns:


Relenet social network communities offer a wide range of possibilities to improve and coordinate electoral engagement using the following features:


  • Up to date information on local events to increase the degree of participation, e.g. GoogleMaps included in the social network community showing the users where the next party’s barbecue, fundraising concert or speech takes place – that’s direct citizen participation!
  • Photo and video galleries linked to interesting events, persons...
  • Personalized design and a proven online marketing concept: This broadens the space for adverts or banners in a virtual community which adapts perfectly to the needs of your project’s requirements
  • Coordination of local groups and a feature to locate other supporters in your region
  • Coordination and preparation of upcoming events, RSVP function and guest lists simplify the organization
  • Analyse the members’ data to find out about the preferences and behaviour of your supporters
  • Peer-to-peer discussions and instant chat with candidates in forums
  • Opportunities for supporters to create popular products promoting your campaign like photos, videos, music, etc. which can easily spread virally in the world wide web
  • Organisation and coordination of interest groups: Users will come to the community in order to participate in public communication and campaigning, you will learn about their commitment and about their interest directly and quickly by means of forums, wikis, blogs etc.


The loyalty of the users of social network communities is extremely high as the analysis of a vast number of social network communities’ has proven. Users check their messages, upcoming events or blogs and hence log in regularly – they keep in touch with you and your campaign community. Changing from one social network community to the other would mean to lose all these new contacts, photos or videos and to get used to different designs. Therefore most users stick to a political social network community after having joined it once.


Furthermore, users invite others to join the social network community of politicians or political campaigns and find friends as well as local supporters within the virtual community. The community grows by itself. A social network community lowers the threshold of participation: supporters do not have to go to e.g. official meetings in order to participate, they only need to register virtually and they can immediately join the social network community. Local speeches, meetings and all other kinds of happenings may be suggested to them and furthermore planned and discussed within the forums. Afterwards you may share the photos and videos.


If you are interested in using innovative technology to improve the effectiveness of your political or electoral campaign, we will gladly adapt to the particular needs of your social network community project.




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