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Do you want to operate a social network community for your niche topic under your own brand? Then you are right here.


relenet offers highly customizable social network software. It enables our clients and partners to operate professional social network communities on-demand under their own brand. Within a short period of time we set up your social network community of the highest quality and customize it to your individual requirements. Whilst we take care of the technical operation you can focus on marketing and moderation of the community. We also help you with the planning and the realization of your social network community project.


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Operate a social network community for your niche topic: interests, healthcare issues, sports, hobbies or industries. In contrast to traditional editorial web sites including a forum, Social Network Communities lead to high usage as the members return to the site daily. Strong customer loyalty and viral membership growth are typical features of social network communities. And the last main difference to traditional web sites or forums is that social network communities allow for revenues by selling premium memberships and access to premium content.


Niche communities become increasingly important and are highly valuable particularly for special interest magazines, radio stations, sports web sites, sports clubs, health web portals, private clinics which are specialized on certain health topics, industry associations and companies who are looking for new ways to interact with their customers or employees.


relenet Packaged Social Network Community Products


Our portfolio encompasses six specialized packages, directed at different target areas:





  • Health Communities
    Dedicated to the needs and respect of actors concerned about health issues. Share experiences, find support and experts' help


  • Congresses & Events Communities and Registration
    Customized to support all preparations necessary for congresses and events, as well as all processes thereafter. Register for events, organize travel and participant get connected and communicate with full privacy protection.


  • UNI Alumni Communities
    Prepared for the dispersal of fellow students after completing their studies, this product is specially functionally aimed at sustaining maintaining and renew connections. Find fellow students, stay in touch and foster friendships

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relenet bc is built on a RED package. Please try it out and compare the features of this community with your own needs.

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Our aim is to enable organizations to benefit from the web 2.0 in a simple and efficient way by using the power of a social network community. We are committed to excellence and provide our clients with highest quality products and service.



Setup on the relenet platform will be fast and you will gain a reliable, performing and scalable Social Network Community for your niche topic.



web 2.0 Social Network Community



The amazing Advantages of Social Network Communities
over traditional, editorial web sites including a Forum


Sometimes the operators of editorial web site that include a Forum believe that they are already fully immersed in the web 2.0 trend. This however is not true. Forums are already on the Internet for more than 10 years. They are highly valuable and users like them. However, they are by far not delivering the same value as social network communities do. A full-blown social network community can be "built around a Forum" and this will result in the following 4 benefits.



social network members show HIGH USAGE social network members show HIGH CUSTOMER LOYALTY social network members show VIRAL GROWTH social network communities allow for an effective BUSINESS MODEL



HIGH USAGE: Members return to the social network community often, if not daily. This opens up the opportunity to lots of page impressions and a huge advertising inventory.


LOYALTY: Members connect to their buddies and will not leave the social network community any more for that reason, nor will they move over to a competing social network community. Instead, they show a very high customer loyalty over long time periods. And this has one important implication: The first social network community in each niche market is most probably the long-term winner ... like e.g. skype ... late comers will not be able to destroy this domination.


VIRAL GROWTH: Members invite their friends to the social network community. This is effective marketing at very low cost and the social network community will grow by itself.


BUSINESS MODEL: With a social network community you can earn revenues through subscription to premium content - next to advertising revenues.



Our Mission


relenet is a best of breed social network community service provider which allows organizations to operate their own social network communities under their own brand. We provide social network software platforms which are highly customizable to your requirements and we believe in the highest quality standards.


Social Network Communities on the relenet Platform are highly Customizable


  • You can determine your brand name and the look & feel of your user interface
  • You choose your profile variables
  • And the forum categories relevant for the community
  • As well as the functionality modules for your social network community
  • The network can also include specific functionalities, developed by yourself or by us according to your design


Further we can provide you with a proven online marketing concept to gain community members fast.

relenet can power your own social network community on our highly sophisticated software and technology platform. As an on-demand service provider we can set up your web 2.0 social network community under your own brand fast. The social network community will operate reliably and with high performance.

relenet assumes some of your risk as the fees for our end-to-end technical service depend on the success and size of your social network community. We operate the technology and you can concentrate on what you are best in: Marketing the social network community and support of its members.


relenet Click-Demo


The relenet Click-Demo is a PowerPoint slide show. It allows you to see the most important features of our social network community software within 5 minutes. Download here the relenet Click-Demo:


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