industry social network, social networks for industry associations, social network industry

industry social network, social networks for industry associations, social network industry


Specialized Niche Communities for Industry Associations


The idea behind industry associations and organizations is the external representation and support of political, economical, social and professional interests of its members. This also includes image improvements, information distribution and the support of innovation and quality to its industry sector. The services for members include active dialogs of its members with officials, institutions and agencies. The goal of these associations and organizations is the connection of these actors.

Due to the emergence of Web 2.0 the members of your association or potential members are increasingly organizing themselves. Especially young people tend to join open and free social networks instead of joining industry associations. To counter the declining membership numbers it is essential for industry associations to prepare for 21st century demands.


Why build an Industry Social Network Community?


Industry Social Network Communities offer the opportunity to create your own community for the members of your association. Creating a social network community is the logical next step for your strategy. Industry associations already have an existing membership base that can be further tied to the association by offering improved services.


How do Industry Associations benefit from a Social Network Community?


  • With a social network community your members get a chance to actively contribute to the association. It is easier for them to express their opinions and to engage in discussions. With the use of a social network community for your association these opinions can be easily accumulated and directed at the right political or industrial person in charge.
  • Polling and rating tools help to accumulate opinions.
  • This active contribution ties members to your association and ensures stable and growing numbers.
  • Through invitations new members can be attracted and help grow the member base of the industry association.
  • Once members have established social and business connections through your social network community they are tied to the network.
  • Create special work groups within the network. The possibility to form special groups within the social network community also enables accessory service to members as they can discuss specialized topics.
  • Industry associations are first access points for the press/media, students and foreign companies. Therefore a cost-free membership offers the possibility to invite these actors to your community and create new connections amongst your members base.
  • Industry associations keep members up-to-date on developments in politics and economy. Experts share specialized knowledge and can give advice with the help of the community tools.
  • Using additional social network functionalities such as forums and blogs you get instant feedback on issues concerning your members and gives your association the opportunity to immediately react to those.
  • With the Social Pages function of the relenet solution companies and institutions can present themselves and their services to members, initiate new contacts and business opportunities.



Please also note our free paper Case Study: Specialized Industry Communities. It contains some real examples for industry communities that operate on the relenet social network platform.



The use of social network community software enables industry associations to expand their historical task into the world of the 21st century and puts them on the cutting edge of member service. Although this software is already available industry associations are still lagging far behind in taking advantage of the chances offered (Verbnderreport 4/2008 S. 16). With relenet you have a specialist for social network community software at your side that has acquired extensive knowledge in industry community projects.



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