Social Network Community for Friends & Family


Are you thinking about setting up your own social network community to connect your friends and family and do not want to spend much money?


Just try it out with the relenet social network community Starter Package for Friends & Family. We provide the technology of the online-platform, while you label it with your logo. Within a short period of time we are able to have your social network community up and running at very low cost.


This Starter Package for Friends & Family includes nearly the same range of functionality as our high-quality RED PACKAGE. Only a few features are not available in the Starter Package. Your social network community for Friends & Family can include up to 250 members. Integration of your own, existing Forum into the new social network community, polling system as well as the rating and ranking system are only available in the original RED PACKAGE.


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Our offer


The major difference to the RED PACKAGE is that there is no set-up fee at all for the Starter Package. We are able to offer the social network community for Friends & Family at only 99 EUR per month. By this means, we especially want to give individuals or families the opportunity to operate their own professional social network community.



Advantages of a Social Network Community for Friends & Family


Social network communities provide a multiplicity of advantages:


  • Networking of friends and family
  • Share knowledge and information
  • Exchange messages
  • Supporting of discussions
  • Cultivate contacts
  • Establish new relations


If you are interested to operate your own Social Network Community for Friends & Family, you can try it out by simply ordering your Starter Package here >>
Please download our order form and fax the signed document back to us.



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