What is a Social Network Community?


A social network community represents and connects people. Members of social network communities present themselves to others or manage their identity through their profile, including pictures, video and audio files, they form relationships and connect with each other, they meet new friends and like-minded people in the community, they communicate with these people by asking questions, getting answers, discussing topics, rating peers and objects and finally they form and join groups.


All these things above represent our natural human behaviour and this is probably the very reason why social network communities are so popular. Social networks basically replicate fundamental human behaviour of the physical world into the cyber world.




A social network community is a powerful tool for companies, organizations, projects, industry leaders, media or clubs to manage their employees, members or target customers in a stimulating and effective way.


Social network communities often grow through viral marketing. Your members will invite their friends, and hence you can reach a large number of people with a very limited marketing budget. But even more thrilling is the fact that once members connect within a social network community they will stay there. This extreme customer loyalty makes social network communities highly valuable.


Niche Social Network Communities


The success of social network communities has demonstrated the enormous demand of Internet users for this kind of service. However, lots of people have found existing social network communties to be too general, broad and unfocused. Therefore many people are looking for a niche social network community built around a specific topic, industry or interest. Such topics may be found in


  • Sports (e.g. Community for soccer, golf, basketball, sailing, etc.) or
  • Within an industry (relenet's Social Network Community www.hushcity.com for the international model industry is an example: Connecting models, model agencies, scouts, service providers, such as photographers, hair stylists, make-up stylists, clients, want-to-be-models, etc.) or
  • For specific healthcare topics (e.g. diabetes, heart attack, lung cancer, aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, ADHD: Connecting patients, doctors, specialists, clinics, pharma producers, therapists, the cured/treated, relatives, etc.)
  • For specific hobbies or interests (e.g. Community for horses, dogs, gardening, house building & design, handicrafts, etc.)


The more focused a social network community is on a particular niche, the higher are the benefits to its members. As a result, the marketing of the Community becomes easier and the higher are the prices that one can ask for premium membership.


A rule of thumb says that a niche social network community should earn between
EUR 1,00 - 5,00 per member and month.


Experience tells that there will only very few such social network communities be successful in each topic or area of interest - typically on a worldwide scale only one or two or three, as all users gravitate to the largest community in each topic.




The benefits for members to join a social network community


  • Socialize with other people in general
  • Present themselves and manage their identity
  • Find information
  • Ask questions
  • Get and give answers
  • Discuss topics
  • Form groups, organize group events
  • Sell and buy materials and services, new and second hand
  • Rate objects and other members and see the ratings and opinions of others




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