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Artist centered Social Network Communities


The first wave of social network communities is over now - it was the time of generic communities, such as mySpace, Facebook, Bebo. The members of social network communities are very loyal, as we have learnt, and therefore it will be very difficult to compete with these communities. But the second wave is now in full swing: It is the time to establish social network communities for each and every niche topic - so called niche social network communities.

Social network communities around a niche topic are much more valuable to members than generic communities. Musicians and artists already have a specific fan base and followers, and a professional web site. Hence it is so much easier to build, integrate and market an artist centered social network community.


Famous artists such as Jewel ( and Kate Nash ( ) have Web 2.0 features such as a forum but dont use the full potential of Web 2.0 and call this a Community. But instead of being able to communicate with other fans and supporters a registered user only gets access to special downloads and can discuss in the forum. Many artists websites are using similar limited Web 2.0 functionalities. There often is a Forum for fans to discuss topics and a guestbook to leave comments. Although this is already a good start it is now time to take the next step and use the full potential of a full social network community by adding a fully operational fan-community to the web site.


A full social network community offers additional functionalities to members:


  • Status Updates enable members to keep others informed about their current feelings, actions, etc.
  • Network Updates offer members to keep up to date about their friends and contacts activities and the latest events in the social network community
  • Members share Photos and Videos
  • The Marketplace provides a platform to buy and sell merchandise, tickets and articles
  • Fans form Groups to discuss specific topics
  • Event Pages announce upcoming happenings which members can join and invite friends and contacts to


Why build an Artist Social Network Community?


Other artists have already taken the next step. The Pussycat Dolls ( have integrated a social network community on their web site and many fans have joined in and are heavily making use of the features and functionalities. The famous band Green Day has its own fan social network community "Idiot Club" ( that offers premium content such as:


  • 24/7 Access to members only fan site
  • Exclusive photos, video and audio
  • Periodic contests with exclusive prizing and random giveaways
  • Members only Message Board and Chat Board
  • Chances at Presale Tickets before the General Public (where applicable)
  • etc.


Also local musicians like Jeanette Biedermann ( in Germany use social network communities to engage with their fans an enable them to build networks among equals.


The more focused a social network communities is on a particular niche, the higher are the benefits to its members. As a result, the marketing of the community becomes easier and the higher are the prices that one can ask for premium membership.


A rule of thumb says that a niche social network communities should earn between EUR 1,00 - 5,00 per member and month.


How Artists Benefit of a Fan Social Network Community?


  • Instead of missing out on fan communication and feed back a social network community enables artists to directly engage with their fans and interact with them. Artists can easily get in contact with their fans or supporters, e.g. via email newsletter, pollings or as moderator in the forums.
  • Members, supporters and fans of an artist are highly committed to a fan social network as it offers the chance to establish, maintain and foster close relationships with other supporters.
  • The common interests of the fans will make it very easy to market your social network and accumulate memberships to it.
  • The connectedness between and passion of the fans will also ensure high membership loyalty to the social network, which guarantees secure planning and financing of the social network.
  • Advertize artists merchandize directly to fans and redirect them to the shop or even integrate the shop into the social network.
  • Members of the fan social network can rate and comment on songs, albums and events and products and give direct feedback to the artist. This will guarantee high user contribution to the community.
  • For new fans a community is the chance to establish contacts to long-term members and get information and contacts. Therefore the fan social network helps to grow the artists fan base.
  • As operator of the fan social network it is possible to charge members for extra services such as online artist Video, live chats with the artist or access to special events or areas. Dedicated to their artist fans are usually willing to pay for extra services and information.
  • Events and happenings can be marketed and promoted to the members of the social network. Competitions for free entry to those amongst the most active contributors to the social network will ensure enhanced membership enthusiasm.
  • Members of the fan social network can form sub-groups and organize themselves and their activities. Fan clubs will find a highly useful infrastructure for their activities.
  • Members can share photos and videos on the fan social network.


In summary, the social network community focuses on the main topic or interest of fans and supporters. In particular, the social network community will become a marketing vehicle for the Artist, reaching people of the target group at very little expense. Apart from this, the community will also in itself generate revenues, additional income through premium content subscription and an increased advertising inventory on the internet.



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