Our social network software allows you to set up your own social network community fast by simply putting your brand on it.


The first social network community in each niche market or for each niche topic is most probably the long-term winner ... like e.g. skype ... late comers will not be able to destroy this domination. Hence, time-to-market is an absolutely crucial factor of success. Order your social network community today. With our social network software we can start operating your social network community fast and you can take advantage of the critical success factor 'time'.

We will adapt the design of your social network community to your corporate design and branding. The brand name of your social network software - relenet - is completely invisible to visitors and community members. They can only see your brand and corporate design.


Typical member growth


Social network communities often grow exponentially - due to the viral marketing effect. Your members will invite their friends and buddies to the commmunity. And you will have the chance to convert these new members into your customers.

This graphic shows the typical members growth of a social network community:

Features of our Social Network Software

Source: xing


Features and Functionalities


The members of your social network community will create their own content. This is one of the new things that web 2.0 has brought: so called user generated content. The features of the relenet software encourage active participation. Our social network software includes interactive tools like a forum for questions, answers and discussions, a section to exchange tips and recommendations with other members, a tool to jointly plan travel and to locate other community members during their travel, a classifieds blackboard to sell to and buy from other membes, and more.


Our social network software includes the following features:


The Social Network Community Software is available in 3 packages with different ranges of functionality.



  • Member profiles - adaptation to a limited extent
  • Networking functionality - to add member contacts
  • AJAX messaging system - spam-free and secure communication inside the social network community
  • Professional forum (vBulletin) - often used and proven forum software
  • Alternatively integration of your own, existing Forum into the new social network community
  • Photo and video gallery
  • Polling system - do your own surveys amongst your community members
  • Rating and ranking system - peer-to-peer ratings of profiles, objects and of member-generated content
  • Invitation functionality - viral marketing for exponential growth of your social network community
  • Look & feel - choose your colours and your logo, as well as your styles to a limited extent




  • All RED PACKAGE functionality PLUS:
  • Full adaptation of member profiles to your specific requirements
  • Choose further styles to adapt your corporate identity
  • Tips & recommendations - members can give, read and rate recommendations.
  • Multiple languages for the social network community
  • Network navigator - members can analyse and navigate their networks or their friends' networks
  • Administrator back-end - statistics, facilitator tools, Partner content management system, you can change texts at any time
  • Your own test environment for your community. You can see changes and new developments in advance - to do fine tuning.
  •  Payment gateway - payment for premium content and functionality
  • Groups - members can form groups with their own group forum




  • All SILVER PACKAGE functionality PLUS:
  • Instant messaging / 1:1 chat
  • Travellocator - joint travel planning for community members
  • Market place - classifieds
  • and more


Please note the relenet Click-Demo. It allows you to see the most important features of our social network community software within 5 minutes. Download the relenet Click-Demo here:

relenet Click Demo EN >>
(English - please right-click and save - 5.7 MB file size)


Features of our Social Network Software


Figure 1: The relenet white label application allows operating a multitude of Social Network Communities in parallel on one proven platform. The Community will operate reliably and with high performance, it is scalable and the set-up is fast. The functionality and visual appearance of an individual Community is not restricted.


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