social network sport clubs, fan social networks, social network sport associations

social network sport clubs, fan social networks, social network sport associations


Fan Social Network Communities for Sport Clubs


Sports clubs and associations in the area of sports revolve around the ideas, philosophy and the passion a sport generates. Sport club members and sport club supporters or fans highly identify themselves with the club and want to interact with other members and fans that share this passion. This makes the creation and operation of a niche social network for the club members, fans and supporters a must-have.


Why build a Sports Fan Social Network Community?


Niche social network communities offer the possibility to create your own community dedicated to your sport club or your fans. A highly focused fan social network community has highest benefits to its members. This is especially interesting for sport clubs. They can tie their existing even closer to the club by offering additional services and platforms for them to express their passion amongst equally involved members.

A rule of thumb says that a niche social network community should earn between
EUR 1,00 - 5,00 per member and month.


The Benefits of a Fan Social Network Community


  • Members, supporters and fans of a sports club are highly committed to a fan social network as it offers the chance to establish, maintain and foster close relationships with other supporters of their club.
  • The common interests of your supporters will help you to market your social network and accumulate memberships to it.
  • The connectedness between and passion of the supporters will also ensure high membership loyalty to the social network which guarantees secure planning and financing of the social network.
  • You can advertize your club's merchandize directly to your fans and redirect them to your shop or even integrate a shop into the social network
  • Members of the fan social network can rate and comment on matches or players, events and products and give direct feedback the club. This will guarantee high user contribution to the community.
  • For new fans a community is the chance to establish contacts to long-term members and get information and contacts. Therefore the fan social network helps to grow the club's fan base.
  • As operator of the fan social network you can charge members for extra services such as online club TV, live chats with players or access to special events or areas. Dedicated to their sport fans are usually willing to pay for extra services and information.
  • Events and happenings can be marketed and promoted to the members of the social network. Competitions for free entry to those amongst the most active contributors to the social network will ensure enhanced membership enthusiasm.
  • Members of the fan social network can form sub-groups and organize themselves and their activities. Fan clubs will find a highly useful infrastructure for their activities.
  • Members can share photos and videos on the fan social network.
  • Clubs can easily get in contact with their fans or supporters, e.g. vial email newsletter, polls or as moderator in the forums.



social network sport clubs, fan social networks, social network sport associations



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