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Social Network Communities for TV Stations


During the last years the phenomenon of niche social network communities has continuously grown. Large mass social networks like Facebook, Bebo or the German StudiVZ / meinVZ can no longer satisfy the increasing demand for special interest focused environments. As social network communities are also referred to as the TV of the future because especially young people spend hours chatting and connecting with other members this offers a chance for TV Stations to expand their viewer integration and loyalty by using social network communities as a tool to tie viewers to their programs.


Typically TV Stations air different programs targeting several different groups of viewers. This viewer groups can be labeled as communities. They share a common interest and passion for the topic of the program. Unfortunately until now viewers always were forced to remain passive recipients of the product. With the help of social network communities viewers ideas and feedback can be integrated into the programs and viewers get a chance to connect with likeminded people and fans of the specific program.


One of the major TV Stations CBS in the United States has now also realized the potential of niche social and has recently launched its social network community for viewers of CBS programs. Here viewers can connect to friends, comment on programs or share photos with the community, etc.


Leading TV Station RTL in Germany has been aware of the prospects a niche social network community will generate for its viewers for quite some time and therefore has created and established a social network community for its leading soap-opera Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten(GZSZ). Here viewers and fans of the program can express their commitment to the program. Members can choose their favorite character, they can vote on the clothing style of soap-opera characters and live chats or discussions with stars of the soap opera are possible. As the viewers of these kind of programs are often young females special features like an advice column help to attach community members to the social network community.


TV programs and TV shows have always been discussed by viewers. This was previously mainly at work with their colleagues or with friends. Nowadays and in the future these discussions will also happen on the TV show's social network community


Endemol, a worldwide leading maker of entertainment programs, introduced a social network community for its show Big Brother in Great Britain. This was the first 360 degrees approach for Endemol using all media to integrate and reach viewers. The Big Brother web site itself had 300,000 users visiting per day. Using a social network community Big Brother enabled Social Media conversations & connections with fans, polls & interaction, TV show promotion, ratings and rankings of candidates, etc. After the huge success of the Big Brother social network community, such communities are now standard with all Endemol TV programs.


The more focused a social network community is on a particular niche, the higher are the benefits to its members. As a result, the marketing of the community becomes easier and the higher are the prices that one can ask for premium membership.


Benefit of a Social Network Community for TV Stations


A TV Station should operate social network communities for its programs internet presence in the following way:

  • First, the TV Station can advertise the new social network community to its viewers in order to initially grow membership in the community.
  • Members of the social network community will enjoy the additional benefits arising from interaction with other like-minded members, as described above. They will also start to invite their friends that share their interest in the specific topic. The social network community will grow by itself and reach people from the target group that the TV program has thus far failed to turn into regular viewers.
  • Interaction between community members and script writers fertilize the commitment for the program. Polls and suggestion boxes can help choose different plot lines for the program characters.
  • From now onwards, the TV Station and program and its content can be advertised in the social network community: Access to premium content can be sold to premium members, e.g. special items from the program, live chats with actors and other content or functionality. Further, the TV Station itself can be marketed towards the community and subscriptions to other products can be sold there.
  • The high member loyalty to the social network community will positively reflect on the program viewers.


In summary, any regular TV program or TV show should have a social network community as a standard. Viewers of the show can connect here, discuss the show, exchange their views and additional information, feel closer to their stars and provide their feedback in input. Set-up of such a community by relenet is fast, reliable and inexpensive.



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