Why do people join my Social Network Community ?


Benefits for Members


A social network community represents and connects people. Members of social network communities manage their identity through their profile, they meet new friends and like-minded people in the community, they connect with each other, rate peers and objects, ask questions, get answers and discuss topics.



Members benefit from joining your social network community because it is fun and it helps them to


  • Manage their contacts easily
  • Find other people
  • Do business
  • Be found by others
  • Look for a new job
  • Look for qualified employees
  • Form groups
  • Communicate with other people, ask questions, get answers and dicuss topics



Benefits to members of social networking communities


Management of contacts

A social network community offers its members the possibility to manage their personal contacts, business partners and friends. It also enables them to enlarge their own social network.


Power search

Users can search for other members with the same interests or for members which offer something they are looking for, e.g. jobs or knowledge.


Doing business

By posting offers at the marketplace of the network a social network community enables users to do business with other members.


Communicate with other people, ask questions, get answers and dicuss topics

Within the social network community members can send and receive messages to their contacts or other members in a trusted, secure environment and absolutely spam free.




Are there any reference sites to get a first impression of a relenet social networking community?



Reference sites of our white label social network software >>