Who will gain Huge Values from Operating a Social Network Community for a Niche Topic?



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Broad or Niche Community?


The first wave of social network communities is over now - it was the time of generic communities, such as mySpace, Facebook, XING, LinkedIn. The members of social network communities are very loyal, as we have learnt, and therefore it will be very difficult to compete with these communities. But the second wave is now in full swing: It is the time to establish social network communities for each and every niche topic - so called niche social network communities. Such themes or topics may be found in


  • Sports (e.g. social network for soccer, golf, basketball, sailing, etc.) or
  • Within an industry (relenet's social network community www.hushcity.com for the international model industry is an example: connecting models, model agencies, scouts, service providers, such as photographers, hair stylists, make-up stylists, clients, want-to-be-models, etc.) or
  • For specific healthcare topics (e.g. social networks for diabetes, heart attack, lung cancer, aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, ADHD: Connecting patients, doctors, specialists, clinics, pharma producers, therapists, the cured/treated, relatives, etc.)
  • For specific hobbies or interests (e.g. community for horses, dogs, gardening, house building & design, handicrafts, etc.)


The more focused a social network community is on a particular niche, the higher are the benefits to its members. As a result, the marketing of the community becomes easier and the higher are the prices that one can ask for premium membership.

A rule of thumb says that a niche social network community should earn between
EUR 1,00 - 5,00 per member and month.



Experience tells that there will only very few such social network communities be successful in each topic or area of interest - typically on a worldwide scale only one or two or three, as all users gravitate to the largest Community in each topic.




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