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Social Network Communities for Industries and for Special Groups

relenet - business community for web 2.0 and social network experts

relenet business community

relenet - business community for web 2.0 and social network experts

relenet is a best of breed business community, bringing experts and novices around the topic of web 2.0 and social network communities together to discuss and to learn from each other. relenet enables quality, trustworthy networking opportunities. With your membership you will automatically gain your personal search engine optimized home page. relenet seeks to build a truly invaluable site which will enable you to network online with the most auspiciously accomplished professionals in their fields.


relenet - social network for web 2.0 experts and novices

Wolters Kluwer Logo

WoltersKluwer Social Network Community

WoltersKluwer is a 5 billion US$ revenue worldwide publishing house, active in legal, tax, accounting, health and corporate finance.

International Lawyer Network launched in Dezember 2008, see below..

Juriforum Logo - Social Network for the Legal Industry

On law firms and lawyers can present themselves to clients and to potential personnel for their companies. They can also effectively offer specialized services to members of the legal social network community.

"We will see an entirely new form of knowledge exchange between actors in the legal industry. Discussions and exchange of knowledge just in time and at the point of need will be equally common as searches in the huge historical knowledge tree that will develop inside the community. The main beneficiary will be the lawyers' clients, who will not only be able to locate the most suitable legal practitioner to help them faster and easier than ever before on, but they will also obtain better service from our socially networked professional members", say the initiators and thought leaders of the Juriforum at world-renowned publishing house Wolters Kluwer.

Social Network for the Legal Industry

With the requirements are especially high on security of the membership data and communication data as legal discussions take place.
Wolters Kluwer is the leading 5 billion US$ revenue publishing house, worldwide active in legal, tax, accounting, health and corporate finance.


VDI BB Community - social network community for engineers and natural scientist

VDI BB Community is the social community of the VDI Berlin-Brandenburg. The Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI) is one of the leading networks and knowledge pools for engineers and natural scientists. The department Berlin-Brandenburg is one of 45 regional departments.

One of our goals is the connection on engineers in the Berlin-Brandenburg region to fasilitate a knowledge exchange among technical specialists and industry leaders.

Members can discuss technical, social and economical topics and create and manage their own personal network.

VDI BB Community - social network for engineers


hushcity logo

hushcity - social network community for the international model industry

hushcity is a unique and exclusive international network for the model industry - entry by invitation or approved application only. The hushcity platform is the new industry standard for the model industry, from which all players - agencies, models and customers - alike will benefit. hushcity is not a modelling agency, but works with leading agencies to help them recruit and promote their models.

Our goal is to support models, agencies and their clients by providing a communication platform where they can liaise hassle-free. In addition we provide expert knowledge and one-on-one counselling to both new faces and experienced models.

We share information on fashion designers, models, photographers, fashion careers, fashion trends, and much more...

hushcity - social network for models


bandplanet logo

bandplanet - the unique music industry community! Bringing Bands & Artists, Fans & Friends and Music Industry People together

bandplanet is the first music industry community on the planet that has developed a unique environment that combines state-of-the-art social networking functionalities and business development functionalities where each and every member can benefit from.

The community offers unique possibilities to music artists. They canít afford not to become a bandplanet member!.

Professional muscicians can profit tremendously by registering to bandplanet.

Music lovers can profit through the creation of a new kind of music industry, then support the music artists, bands and bandplanet.

bandplanet - the unique music industry community!

bandplanet - the unique music industry community!!

epharmac logo

ePharmaC - the social network community for the pharmaceutical industry

ePharmaC - the social network community for the South African pharmaceutical industry - connecting pharmacists and pharmaceutical manufacturers for discussions and knowledge exchange.

Our objective is to support pharmacists, scientists, pharmaceutical manufacturers by providing a communication platform where they can liase hassle-free. In addition we provide expert knowledge and one-on-one counselling.

ePharmaC - social network for pharmacists

BWL Alumni Konstanz logo

BWL-Alumni - the social network community of the alumni organization of the Konstanz Business School

BWL Konstanz Alumni is a private business network for our registered professionals in economics and commerce. We provide a secure and effective communication platform for our members, where they can find knowledge and advice and form trusting relationships.

BWL KN Alumni - social network for BWL

BWL Alumni Konstanz

onlinemarketingc logo

OnlineMarketingC - the social network for experts in online marketing

OnlineMarketingC is a social network community for online marketing experts. Search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, email marketing, viral marketing, paid online advertising, online marketing research and conversion optimization are the topics that our professional members pursue.

OnlineMarketingC - social network for online marketing experts

online marketing

semiranet logo

semiranet - a network for women between career and family

Semiranet is a social networking community for women between career and family. Our members can profit from knowledge, experience and professional background of women from countless backgrounds and cultures all over the world with comparable tasks and challenges.

semiranet - social network for women

women social network

Social Network Communities for Sports

sailingc logo

SailingC - the social network connecting everybody around sailing

SailingC is a unique social network with the objective to connect sailors, boat charter, boats and equipment suppliers, sailing tour operators, sailing schools and publishers by providing an effective communication platform. In addition we provide expert knowledge and advice.

Sailors can obtain information about their planned sailing tours, report about their previous trips and share their knowledge. The integrated charter firm and trip organizer search capability will help our members to find and to place interesting offerings.

SailingC - social network for sailing

sailing social network community

kiteboardingC logo

KiteboardingC - the unique Kiteboarding community! Build your network arround Kiteboarding and Gain Contacts world-wide

KiteboardingC is a dynamic social network made for Kiters by Kiters. It connects everybody around kiteboarding. Kiters meet Kite Schools, Manufacturers, Travel Operators and anyone in the kiteboarding industry.

Kiteboarders will find it highly useful to upload and share their photos with friends. Everybody can leave a comment on photos.

Kite Manufacturers, Kiteboarding Schools and Kite Travel Operators and Centers will find it highly useful to connect customers to their Page on KiteboardingC - and then send regular newsletters and updates to them to stay in contact.

The Newsfeed or Network Updates provides daily news about the activities of your friends.

KiteboardingC - the unique Kiteboarding community!

KiteboardingC - the unique Kiteboarding community!

Social Network Communities for Healthcare

fertilityc logo

vitalab logo

FertilityC - HealthCommunity connecting patients, clinics, doctors around fertility

FertilityC is a Social Network HealthCommunity around the topic of fertility, connecting patients, specialized doctors and clinics, scientists, pharmaceutical manufacturers and those, who have managed to succeed and to receive a baby.

FertilityC Social Network

We provide a hassle-free and secure peer-to-peer communication platform, as well as expert knowledge and one-on-one counselling to our members. FertilityC is designed to be an impartial and valuable knowledge resource for everybody involved into the matters of fertility.

FertilityC - social network for fertility

lungcancerc logo

LungcancerC - HealthCommunity connecting lung cancer patients, doctors and hospitals

Have you not given up hope yet? LungCancerC is a unique international network with the objective of connecting patients, doctors and hospitals on one communication platform on a non-commercial basis.

Patients are given the possibility of learning about their disease and get to know the latest research news and science breakthroughs at no charge. But in the first instance LungCancerC aims to become a platform for the exchange of experiences of people who have fallen ill with lungcancer. Because even if the experiences of the single individuum may be as different and unique as the individuum itself and its course of disease, a single tip or a piece of advice can change a lot.

Using the advanced search for hospitals and doctors the patient is given the possibility of finding, contacting and evaluating them. So doctors and hospitals are set in the position of getting a direct feedback from their patients that given in an objective and constructive way can help to improve medical care.

Once you have joined LungCancerC you will have access to participate in the discussions, post new topics, connect and communicate with other members and access many other special features.

LungcancerC - social network for lung cancer

lung cancer



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